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September 2014 Update - Songbook, Lyric Sheet, MP3 Files, Participation Certificate & Project Feedback Form

Download Songbook - PDF version of the hard copy sent to all NI primary schools. Songbook contains road safety songs for use in classroom, school assembly etc.

Download Lyric sheet - PDF version of lyric sheets for distribution to pupils

Download MP3 Files on - soundtracks from the CDs sent to the schools, both vocal and instrumental tracks of the eight road safety songs from this project (Or download a Zip file of all MP3 files directly by clicking here)

Download Participation Certificate - additional copies for schools who participated in the artwork competition for the project songbook

Download Feedback Form - We would appreciate feedback on the project materials. These can be faxed to 028 877 50212, emailed to or posted to the STEP office, Unit T7, Dungannon Businesss Pk, 2 Coalisland Rd, Dungannon BT76JT

Written by Roisin McAliskey
Illustrated by Jane Donaghy
An initiative for the Community Transport Association delivered by STEP

The materials are product of projects funded by the Department of the Environment (DOE), Road Safety & Vehicle Regulation Division (RS&VRD), through Community Transport Association (CTA), which administers the road safety grant on behalf of the Department. The 2012 booklet “Journey to School – what are the rules?” centers on two characters, Maria and Mark, showing their safe us of the various methods of travel to school each day.

Feedback from this initial booklet suggested that a further publication with scenarios that children could decide what action the characters should take might be a useful learning tool – this has resulted in “Road Safety Rules – What Would You Choose?”. Copies of this have been sent to every primary school in NI as part of the project.

An additional aspect in 2013 is the Teaching Pack resource which has also been distributed to all primary schools. The teaching pack for the project is a 48-page full colour resource for primary school teachers. It will afford teachers the opportunity to present various activities and exercises involving a range of subjects including PDMU, WAU, art, drama, English, media etc. based on road safety issues to their pupils. Covering both keystage 1 and keystage 2 levels, the resources are a mix of individual, pair and group exercises. Each exercise will include explanatory teachers’ notes and pupil instructions, and where required, pupil worksheets. The resources required for each activity and the age group will be noted at the top of each exercise.

There were specific exercises which were noted as competitive exercises whereby each school could submit their top entries to appear in a showcase event in early May 2013. Individual prize winners and their school will received certificates of recognition and small prizes and trophies.

All booklets from 2012-2013 are available in English, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Polish & Russian

Following on from this the third project “Journey to School III” involved the development of a CD and Songbook aimed at Keystage 1 pupils to use music as a learning medium to instil the messages of road safety in our children from an early age. Copies of the CD and a Songbook have been delivered to all primary schools in NI during the first term of the new academic year. All schools were invited to submit artwork for use in the songbooks and from over 3,000 entries winners were selected in each year group and beautifully illustrate the songbook. Wining pupils attended a prize ceremony in June 2014. Pupils from Clintyclay P.S. in Co Armagh kindly sang on a number of the CD tracks and the children enjoyed learning the songs and making up their own actions to them We hope that your pupils enjoy learning the songs and the messages within them.

Note to parents, guardians & teachers

As well as a short storyline which young children can enjoy, the booklet contains more in depth safety regulations which parents, teachers and older children should read and discuss with the children. It would be beneficial to take time to explain and talk about some of the book concepts such as “lollipop person”; “booster seat”; “distractions”; “safety helmet” etc. and encourage open conversations about other aspects of safety.

Supported by DOE Road Safety Grants, administered by Community Transport Association and delivered by STEP